3 Governance Lessons from Team Sport

Vivek Bhatt


To win with sports you need a number of elements essential for Teamwork. If you perfect the elements, you will even end up in top sport and win elite competitions World Cup. You need exactly those elements to make your business work well and be profitable. What happens if you don’t perform a certain element properly? Then you lose just like when you play a game. What elements do you need?

Lesson 1: Frameworks And Rules


Every sport has governance frameworks, think of the playing field or the middle tip. In addition to frameworks, every sport also has many rules. Everyone learns these rules when exercising their sport. We learn these through trainers or from fellow players over the years.

Business Every company also has governance frameworks. Company is located in a specific location and some even have a fixed workplace. Although permanent workplaces are no longer common, people like to sit in their familiar place. Companies have rules, too. If you do not know a rule, you are often alerted to remind you and raise awareness of the governance and structure. The collective governance in a company ensures that everyone learns the frameworks and rules of the company over the years through a collective experience.

Lesson 2: Roles and Responsibilities


Within a team sport, everyone has his/her role to fulfil. Different roles are needed to perform the sport well in order to achieve a good result.

Each role has its own skills and in order to be able to fulfil a role properly, the person becomes a specialist in his/her part. It’s essential for success as a team that roles and responsibilities are fully understood by each team member during the process.

When performing a sport in a certain role, skills are needed. You get these through education and integrating with the defined roles. These skills are discussed every day and will never disappear from the program, as they form the foundation of performing your sport. Over time, the team member will learn other skills based on interest and potential. These skills provide a distinctive ability to get better and better at practicing the sport.

Business Also known as Roles or functions in companies. Each company has multiple roles to ensure governance and provide certain services. As with a sport, every person in a company plays a certain role. Each role has specific skills identified, and these skills will be improved over the years and they will become a specialist in that area. Management of roles, education becomes key when working in action on customer projects.

When performing your job, skills are needed. When a new position needs to be filled, we look at the skills of the new employee. Assess them before giving the person a position to this person.

Lesson 3: Coaching and Education

Sport A coach plays an essential role in a winning team and directs every person. Consider where the result and assess which side the result or person can go. Coach assigns people skills, roles and frameworks in different ways. May even be the case that the coach gives a person a different role to achieve a better result. The coach also ensures good cooperation between the roles and skills to be well aligned. Coach looks at the mental and physical condition of the person and points out improvements to increase the result.

Business Coach is often a governance role, but could even be a manager or administrator. Education and knowledge management becomes essential as part . If they are not good, improvements are considered or perhaps which other function might fit better.


With these lessons, it is important to have the right balance in matching the skills and potential of the team. In top sport you also see that coaches leave over time because the coach has transferred all the knowledge to grow further, and new coaches are often identified within or from outside of the team.

This is no difference within the business community. Where does business differ from sport?

  • In sport, frameworks and rules of the game are often the same. The degree of change is lower than in business.

  • The new companies that start up make full use of the technology and thus make processes faster and more targeted.

  • The employees who will work at the new companies are fully taught about all the new skills they need to learn.

  • You see more and more that technology has become a basic skill, but where a few years ago we invested in every employee learning these basic skills, companies are struggling to catch up with changing technology and required updates to basic skills. New technology is fast and with the right basic skills, you as an employee can immediately benefit from this to simplify your work.

Helping employees and customers embrace change by applying it better are elements Infotechtion focuses on to ensure companies stay competitive in the market. Read more about how we apply strategies to establish foundation for governance and knowledge management for our company and our customers.

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