Data is at risk of misuse if the
organization has no visibility into their data estate.

Data compromise by external threat | Data theft by malicious insider |  Data exposure by negligent insider

Microsoft Data Security
can be used to:

  • Discover and protect sensitive and important data throughout its lifecycle
  • Understand user activity context around the data and identify risks
  • Prevent data from unauthorized use across apps, services, and devices

Infotechtion has templates and blueprints to fast-track the implementation of Microsoft Data Security.

  • Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MIP)
  • Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management (IRM)

In only 8 weeks, Infotechtion can implement Microsoft Data Security to manage risks related to sensitive data loss by configuring the automation of data classification, data loss prevention, and insider risk management.

Pilot objectives for an 8-week engagement:

  • Activate E5 compliance for defined Pilot users 
  • Based on customer identified risks and use cases, validate the technical design that needs to be covered leveraging E5 Compliance features. 
  • Technical guidance to configure and activate the E5 compliance features at the platform level to enable Microsoft Purview Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Insider Risk Management.
  • Provide the customer an overview of the advanced features and benefits of E5 compliance, and the relevance of features to meet the use cases.
  • Technical guidance in deployment of Auto labelling for sensitivity labelling with E5 compliance features to autodetect sensitive information and automatically tag files.
  • Document standard operating procedures for managing alerts and insights generated from configurations.  
  • Provide feedback and reporting on lessons learned, KPIs etc. that can be used to inform an enterprise rollout. 


Price is USD 75,000 / EUR 75,000 excl. VAT

Use Infotechtion ARM to expand and extend Microsoft Purview functionality to SharePoint, fileservers, Azure files and other solutions

  • Identity and delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT) incl. duplicates
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Sensitivity label classifications at scale
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Retention/Record label classifications at scale
  • Review and classify files that have not yet been classified at scale

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