Infotechtion-ARM (i-ARM) for Microsoft Purview


Infotechtion produces security, compliance, and governance software for organizations investing in essential improvements to their cloud data security and records compliance. Infotechtion-ARM provides advanced controls (natively integrated with Microsoft Purview) to automatically deliver sensitive data insights, actively enforce governance policies and reduce risks through operational workflows for all data across on-prem, Microsoft Cloud and other platforms. 

Infotechtion-ARM is a software extension for Microsoft Purview that ensures safe and compliant management of long-term sensitive data and records in line with ISO15489, ISO16175 and SEC17a-4 standards.

The Business Challenge

Every business that uses cloud platforms and applications in their IT landscape needs to prioritize addressing the risks of data exposure and data security, as well as meeting regulatory compliance requirements.  Organizations face a number of challenges in to secure and govern their data over its lifecycle:

  • Visibility – Discovery of dark data across on-premises and cloud data sources not yet classified or protected with confidentiality, privacy, and retention classifications.
  • Consistency – Varying options across data sources to enforce controls based on classification definitions maintained in 3rd party solutions (e.g. Iron Mountain Policy Center, Virgo, Filerskeepers etc.) or in privacy and security regulations.
  • Accessibility – Limited access or insights into defensible evidence of data usage, lineage and disposition throughout and beyond the data lifecycle.
  • Efficiency – The wasteful demand on technical resources to build custom Dashboards, analytics, scripts, and reporting for data remediation and mitigation activities

Organizations have recognized that Data classification, along with policy enforcement controls that minimize disruption to business activities, is essential for dealing with various issues of privacy, data leakage, and records compliance. Moreover, most organizations are subject to regulations that focus on the control of data (such as contracts, intellectual property, employee records etc.), and retention is a common motivation for clients to implement a scalable classification solution to achieve compliance and make data-centric security controls effective

Infotechtion-ARM for Microsoft Purview

Infotechtion ARM (i-ARM) for Microsoft Purview is the only product which is built on Purview itself to provide an integrated platform for information protection and records/information lifecycle management. Our Solution capabilities impact all stages of the client protection and governance maturity lifespan:

  • Establishing and synchronizing retention and file plan details to save on administration time and improve accuracy
  • Classifying ROT, Sensitive Information Types and Retention Labels to reduce risk and content attack surfaces
  • Applying and managing labels for protection and governance across multicloud sources to provide a single pane of glass for all compliance activities across platforms
  • Reporting and exploring progress and success in governance activities to help justify and quantify benefits and resolve issues
  • Aggregating disposition classification and activities to minimize user burden

Extending Microsoft Purview capabilities, i-ARM provides user experiences to simplify the governance of information. Infotechtion enhances Purview functional and technical capabilities improving visibility, governance, and compliance, while keeping your data in-place within the platform. Built on Purview means that your investment is future proof.

All the features to meet your information protection and governance needs under the i-ARM product offering are sold on an annual license subscription and can be licensed separately as well.

Key Overall Competitive Advantages: Native integration with Microsoft 365 means your data is:
  • Future compatible in schemas and technologies
  • Consistent and familiar to users and administrators
  • Persistent longer that what Purview itself provides
  • Aligned with Purview native capabilities and roadmap in a way that no other products can provide

Infotechtion-ARM Services to Embed and Sustain Microsoft Purview

Infotechtion-ARM is designed to scale to multiple customers with different information governance needs and challenges.

Infotechtion product services and collaboration with MISA partners assists customers with deployment and/or managed compliance services of a target operating model by providing the following capabilities:

  • A flexible and configurable framework that enables customers to define their own configurations, rules, and workflows for information governance, based on their business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Advisory services to implement a secure cloud-based platform that leverages Microsoft Azure and Purview to provide end-to-end visibility and control over the data estate, across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.
  • A robust and user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily manage and monitor their information governance activities, such as data classification, labeling, retention, disposition, and audit collected from the unified audit logs, cold data scans and presented through Microsoft Power BI experiences.
  • A team of experienced and certified consultants who provide expert guidance and support throughout the implementation and operation of the solution, ensuring alignment with best practices and industry standards.
  • Infotechtion advisory and implementation services delivers a robust customer engagement scenario that goes beyond product activation, and instead, includes assisting customers with deployment and/or managed compliance services of a target operating model.


Infotechtion-ARM adds value to Microsoft Purview by providing advanced operational governance capabilities that are persistent, aligned, and integrated with Purview native features and roadmap.

Below are examples of how i-ARM embraces and extends Microsoft Purview for advanced information governance requirements

Infotechtion-ARM Features related to Purview

Information Governance Requirement

Microsoft Purview natively manages content in Microsoft 365 with E5 or E5 IPG or Compliance add-on license

Infotechtion Advanced Records Management when needed to enhance Microsoft Purview functionality

Persistent audit log details matching record life-span

180 days with E3 license; 1 year with E5 license but can be extended to 10 years with additional license.

Infotechtion extends the storage of Purview’s audit log for the life of the record. Additional and custom metadata is captured for dashboards, analytics, and as part of disposition evidence.

Defensible disposition

Details of disposed items kept for maximum of seven years with limit of 16 million items per retention label.

Infotechtion extends this limit and keeps any custom metadata associated with records for an indefinite / customer defined period using the expanded Purview audit log.

Provide dashboards, analytics, and reporting

Limited reports available as part of Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal.

Infotechtion provides extensive analytics and reporting capabilities through dashboards and reports that combine information from across the 365 tenant. Additional reports are easy to define using the extended audit log and Power BI reporting tools.

Manage record terms centrally with a file plan

Single, flat structure file plan supported (no hierarchical terms).

Infotechtion integrates with external retention providers (Virgo, IM Policy Center) to synchronize their retention schedules with Microsoft Purview. We believe that these tools are the best way to manage retention schedules in large organizations.

Disposition Management for Microsoft 365 records

Purview presents records to records managers one at a time for disposition decisions.Manual reviews are extremely cumbersome and not scalable.

Infotechtion aggregates records and presents them to users on predefined schedules for disposition decisions. This is supported via email and dashboards and can involve thousands of records to be disposed of or have their retention lives extended simultaneously.

Provisioning for new Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, or Azure file areas

No native support for custom templates with compliance-by-design built into provisioned sites.

Infotechtion provides a provisioning solution for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, file servers, and Azure file areas with built-in compliance controls.

Case Management with approval workflows and records management

No out-of-the-box functionality for advanced case management.

Infotechtion provides advanced case management solution for Microsoft 365 leveraging SharePoint, Planner, Power Automate, and Purview.

Manage and retain content stored in-place within the system

Native support for files and emails across all M365 workspaces – ODB, Teams, SPO, EXO, Yammer.

Extends Purview to support file servers, Azure files and blob storage. We extend Purview retention labels integration to AWS and other content services with the MSFT Multi-Cloud team.

Move file servers to Azure files and manage as records with immutability using Purview.

Natively support all files and emails in Microsoft 365 as records. Limited support for Azure files.

Extends Purview to Azure files and blob storage to make Azure a records management system. This enables file servers to be migrated to Azure, classified in transit, and managed as records through their lifecycle while available to users through a traditional File Explorer interface. Often with a lower cost than file shares.

Event Management for the disposition of Microsoft 365 records

Purview has the core capabilities to manage events related to retention triggers, but this involves programming to implement.

Infotechtion aggregates records associated with trigger events and orchestrates their presentation to users to manage disposition. This can involve thousands of records to be disposed and is often managed with document sets.

Management of physical records

No native support for management of physical records.

Infotechtion provides a connector to Gimmal LLC for physical records management. Integration enables search of related records in physical repository and Microsoft 365. Previously scanned items are viewable from unified search.

Allow for multistage disposition review

Natively supports per Label multistage disposition workflow.

Infotechtion extends the Microsoft Purview disposition process to enable many user-friendly disposition and reporting capabilities.

Other products within Microsoft Data Lifecycle Management family (Defender, Priva, Sentinel, DLP, etc.) are natively integrated.

Universal retention connector

Persistent audit data

Operational dashboards

Data explorers

Integrated file system

Workspace provisioning

Disposition management

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