Adopt Copilot while mitigating the risks

It’s not if, but when you will implement AI solutions like Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. 

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is transforming work

  • 68% said Copilot improved the quality of their work
  • 70% said Copilot made them more productive
  • 77% said they didn’t want to give Copilot up

Copilot for Microsoft 365 will transform the digital workplace, but it also comes with risks.

  • Copilot surfaces ALL organization data where individuals have at least view-permissions. Poor access controls will result in non-compliance, e.g. GDPR.
  • Most data have no classifications or Microsoft Purview Information Protection classifications. Very sensitive information will then be used by Copilot to generate new unclassified information with few data security controls.
  • Many organizations do not delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial workspaces and files. Copilot will then often rely on outdated information to generate incorrect information e.g. product and services no longer offered.

Infotechtion has developed methodologies and frameworks to maximize the value of Copilot for Microsoft 365 while mitigating the risks.

  • M365 tenant assessment, pre-requisites and alignment with recommended practices for utilizing M365 Copilot.
  • Guidance on planning and executing an effective pilot test of Copilot and measure outcomes.
  • Recommend strategies and controls to minimize data oversharing.
  • Recommend configurations in Microsoft Purview to enable controls for safeguarding sensitive data and identify stale data for deletion.
  • Recommend training materials and resources to support user adoption during pilot and for a phased implementation.

The assessment includes deepscan reports and dashboard to identify and mitigate risks.

Infotechtion pilot Approach - 8 Steps to Enterprise-readiness

Common basic security controls
(for E3 license)

  1. Disable ‘Anyone’ / ‘Open Access’.
  2. Configure default sharing link to ‘Select Named Individuals’
  3. Enable restricted SharePoint search
  4. Disable Bing Chat for Enterprise integration
  5. Enable Copilot for selective apps only
  6. Enable a special Sensitivity label for pilot users to tag Copilot generated content.
  7. Enable Purview controls to audit Copilot interactions / prompt pilot users – DLP

Common advanced security controls
(for E3+ license)

  1. Activate advanced insights to audit Copilot
  2. Automatically tag Copilot generated content
  3. Enable DLP policy to prompt users when sharing Copilot tagged data
  4. Enable retention to discover and delete stale data
  5. Automate exclude / include inactive workspaces from restricted search
  6. Enable encryption for personal data / personal sensitive data

Engage Infotechtion to maximize value of Copilot while mitigating risks

  • A quick start tenant assessment report to highlight the quick wins a customer can address without embarking on a long project for being enterprise-ready.​
  • Accelerate essential data security and governance scenarios pre-packaged for implementation by Infotechtion from customer lessons.​
  • Assess the value of Copilot and mobilize the case for enterprise licensing Copilot.

Use Infotechtion ARM to expand and extend Microsoft Purview functionality to SharePoint, fileservers, Azure files and other solutions

  • Identity and delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT) incl. duplicates
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Sensitivity label classifications at scale
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Retention/Record label classifications at scale
  • Review and classify files that have not yet been classified at scale

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