Infotechtion is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of Information Protection & Governance. Led by a team of seasoned industry veterans, we take pride in our ability to create and deploy cutting-edge Microsoft Purview-based solutions.

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Our solutions are designed to address every facet of information protection and governance within the Microsoft cloud and beyond. To make sure your strategic initiatives become successful, we present: the I-ARM Infotechtion Advanced Records Management: Universal Retention Connnector, AI Classification Engine, Advanced Case Management and more

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Infotechtion is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of Information Protection & Governance.

Enterprise Records Management Add-On for Microsoft Purview for E5

Microsoft Purview helps you protect and govern your information, but what do you do if this does not meet all your requirements? Infotechtion Advanced Records Management (I-ARM) embraces and extends Microsoft Purview to meet advanced information governance and records management requirements.

Dashboard Reporting and Disposition Management

Infotechtion’s Dashboard Reporting and Disposition Management leverages Microsoft APIs and PowerAutomate to provide you with better insights about your records in each business unit, country, function, etc. to speed up the review process.

Universal Retention Connector

We bridge the gap between your Records Manager and your M365 Architect so that each can more effectively work with the other to ensure your retention schedule is synchronized to your M365 file plan and retention labels.

Case Management

Infotechtion Advanced Case Management functionality in SharePoint Online with enrichment of properties related to the case (case name, case handler, expiration date etc.), Planner board with set of defined tasks, approval workflows, tracking and monitoring, case archiving, information protection, governance, and data loss prevention.

Azure Files, Blobs, and Archiving

Your Challenge:

You have lots of records in Azure file shares and blobs, but Microsoft does not extend the Purview Records Management functionality in Microsoft 365 to Purview.  

Azure Files, Blobs, and Archiving


Our Solution:

Integration of evergreen Azure native software components to deliver a compliance solution on Azure Files. 



  • Manage records in Azure, not only in Microsoft 365.      
  • Reduce storage costs by moving long-term records to Azure 
  •  Ensure regulatory compliance while optimizing storage costs

Long-Term Auditing and Event Management

Your Challenge:

You have lots of records that need to be retained for a long time, and you need the audit trail to match the record life-span​. The challenge is that Microsoft Purview only retained the audit trail for 1 year with E5 license, but this can be extended to 10 years with additional license.

Our Solution:

Infotechtion extends the storage of audit log to its database for the life of the record together with all custom metadata as part of disposition evidence. 

Workplace Provisioning

The Infotechtion Workspace Provisioning Solution allows organisations to empower users to automatically apply Hub associations, Standard / Custom design templates, Security Settings, Naming Conventions, Content Type, default views to libraries, Compliance Controls and Settings and Retention Policies when creating a new Team or SharePoint Site. This ensures any new sites / teams are created with consistent governance and automate the tasks currently performed manually by SharePoint team.

AI Classification Engine

Your Challenge

You have large amounts of files and dark data in file servers, 3rd content management systems, or Microsoft cloud, and the business is too busy to manually identify and classify important information that should be deleted, migrated, and/or governed.

AI Classification Engine

Our solution

Infotechtion’s Auto classification solution leverages the power of AI along with our Infotechtion knowledge and experience to analyze, enrich, and classify information automatically. We leverage:

  • MS trainable classifiers
  • KQL classification capabilities from wordlists, regular expressions, proximity ranking, adaptive scopes location definitions
  • Sensitive Information Types
  • Syntex auto-classification and data extraction
  • Azure cognitive service to enhance the data with OCR, image recognitions, audio transcription, translation

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