Data Explorers

Understand and act upon important or risky data

Your Challenge:

Your content has been growing by 80% per year for the past 30 years. The content was mostly good when it was created, but with the passage of time, goals, staff, and other important inputs to content have changed. Much of that content has become redundant, old, less important and in some cases even more risky and damaging. Knowing what you have across the tenant and shared drive environments can be time consuming and difficult to protect and manage.

Our Solution:

The Infotechtion “My data” and “Data explorers” help you to identify the volumes and locations of many of these low value or highly sensitive collections so that you can find, report, migrate, tag, and even delete the content if necessary. The views and actions are possible from M365 workstreams, Azure storage locations and file servers through the Azure File System module. The solution is driven by Purview so that the rules, definitions, and policies are applied consistently across all these platforms.

Key benefits:

  • Find, investigate, and mitigate critical sensitive data across your data landscape
  • Identify, understand, and delete duplicates, old content, and low value content with ease
  • Administratively apply or change label data in bulk
  • Act on data in M365 workstreams, Azure storage, and file servers

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