Disposition Management

Aggregate manage and control your disposition activities

Your Challenge:

If you have many records with manual disposition reviews at the end of the retention schedule, then you need to spend time and money on the process. Purview disposition reviews occur unorganized, and one document at a time. If it takes 5 minutes to do this per record, then a manual disposition review of a million records will require over thousands of days spent on disposition reviews.

Our Solution:

Infotechtion’s Disposition Management leverages Microsoft Graph APIs and Power BI to provide you with better insights about your records in each business unit, country, function, etc., to speed up the review and disposition process. It allows you to set reviewer per workspace and make disposition reviews based on aggregated email notifications or detailed reports of records available for disposition. 

Key benefits:

  • Manage granular disposition reviews by assigning disposition ownership at SharePoint Site or Team level.
  • Include SharePoint custom metadata to facilitate disposition review activities.
  • Group notifications targeted to disposition reviewers with a disposition review notification workflow
  • Schedule disposition reviews as a planned quarterly or yearly activity.
  • View key disposition statistics via a management dashboard.
  • Perform advanced disposition workflow configurations.
  • Filters and views to improve the disposition review experience.
  • Archive digital records in Azure / long term digital preservation solutions at the end of retention.
  • Integration with Purview Audit information for records-related audit events.

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