Are you in for “Employee Wellbeing in Hybrid Working” ?


Since March 2020 the phenomenon of working changed, and organizations were forced to adopt new ways of working arrangement to cope up the business challenges during pandemics.

We’re on the brink of a disruption due to sudden shift to remote work: the move to hybrid work – a blended model where some employees return to the workplace and others continue to work from home.

We’re all learning as we go, but we know two things for sure: flexible work is here to stay, and the talent landscape has fundamentally shifted. Remote work has created new job opportunities for some, offered more family time, and provided options for whether or when to commute. Tech companies focusing more on automation.

But there are also challenges ahead. Work life balance devastated and there are no more defined working hours, you can hear email notification on your handy at any time and colleagues can call you regardless of your working hours. Corporate trainers providing virtual training and leaders recognizing their team members via virtual ceremonies. Teams have become more siloed this year and digital exhaustion is a real and unsustainable threat. Manufacturing sector is continuously worried about meeting production targets with a minimized workforce working on plants.

Gen Z is struggling more than other generations:

This generation is more likely to be single and early in their early profession, making them more vulnerable to the effects of loneliness, struggles with motivation at work, or a lack of financial resources to build adequate workspaces at home. Survey respondents reported that they were more likely to struggle balancing work with life (+8 percentage points) and to feel exhausted after a typical day of work (+8 percentage points) when compared to older generations.

Do we have any solution ?

Microsoft Viva assists employees in well-being and be their best. Microsoft Viva is a comprehensive platform for the employee experience. It enhances communication, learning, resource sharing, and Insights sharing. This brings out the best in people and teams regardless of where they are.

Viva learning: helps employees make learning a natural part of the day by bringing learning into the flow of work with the tools they already use.

Viva Insights: helps people and business thrive with recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Viva Topics: lets you automatically organize content and expertise across your organization, making it easy to find.
Viva Connections: designed to empower every employee to contribute their best.

Welcome to a better workplace wellbeing !

So, is your organisation ready to improving its workplace wellbeing ?

If you’d like to explore how Microsoft Viva could help your business, book a call to speak with us

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