Understanding Phishing Emails: How to Spot and Avoid Them

Phishing emails are a common form of online threat that can be difficult to identify. Cybercriminals use sophisticated tactics to trick users into divulging personal information or clicking on malicious links. To protect yourself from phishing attacks, it’s important to understand how to identify and report suspicious emails. APWG Report The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s (APWG) […]

7 steps to modernize your records management for the digital age

Below are my recommendations for simplifying and automating records management in Office 365 and beyond. Establish a corporate compliance team – don’t rely on the business to define how records should be managed in their business with regulations like the GDPR. A global enterprise will need to comply with several thousands of legal requirments for […]

What do you do when your client doesn’t think the tools suit their needs?

I have been a consultant in the fields of records management and information governance for approximately 15 years and I have yet to meet a client that we (I never did it alone!) could not help. That being said, there have been challenges along the way and clients who are “non-believers”. So, what do you […]

How to Build the Right Microsoft Purview RM PoC

Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting

This blog posts reflects our recent experience with a variety of large clients in the development of Proofs of Concept (PoC) that use Microsoft 365 (M365) and Microsoft Purview (Purview) to achieve enterprise records management (RM) at scale. These clients are all using E5 tenants with at least the E5 Information Protection and Governance (IP&G) […]

Microsoft Teams Recording Management – A Point of View

Written by Peter Rahalski, M365 Information Governance Architect andnVivek Bhatt, Chief Technology Officern Microsoft Teams Recording – Overview Microsoft Teams recordings are a feature of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform that allows users to capture and save audio, video, and screen-sharing content from Teams meetings and calls. These recordings can be useful for a […]

Optimizing Document Lifecycle in SharePoint

From the moment a document is created to its eventual disposition, it goes through a series of stages that can be both exciting and challenging. But fear not, Infotechtion is here to guide you through all the steps of document lifecycle process in SharePoint. In this blog post we’ll take you on a journey from […]

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