3 Success Factors for an Efficient Insider Risk Management.

Human error led cybersecurity issues are the biggest threat contributors to organisations. The transition to hybrid work, the increased Joiner – Leaver activities has created more opportunities for data loss through an insider activities than ever before. Do you consider Insider risk management a key activity to manage data / value loss? Yes, We are […]

Microsoft Information Protection – Trainable Classifiers

Entropy – the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system [merriam-webster dictionary] Every organization starts with a fairly defined way of working to achieve its goal. This includes processes, people, information and technology. Initially everything works fine, everyone is following the process and things seem organized exactly the way the organization aimed for. As […]

Relation hierarchy with hubs site (and Hub sites in Hub site)

We often talk about the importance of flat structure and using metadata to but contexts to content. Why would you use hub sites or even hub sites in a hub site? Let us first look at what hub sites are and what they can give you. We often use hub sites to create easier navigation […]

Information an Asset or a risk?

The rapid increase in digital collaboration provides challenges and opportunities for effectively managing Information, its reliability, retention, protection, and ability to find valuable information to support efficient business decisions. As work increasingly happens in Microsoft 365, governance (and its adoption) is an essential component of managing your corporate information and knowledge in the cloud. To […]

Webinar: Establish an information protection and privacy strategy for M365 and beyond

Automate how you discover, classify, and proactively protect sensitive information Tuesday January 18th, 2022 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 18:00 CET Information and data protection, done well, presents a long-term opportunity to establish greater trust with customers and unlock employee collaboration and productivity, whilst minimizing security incidents, breaches and regulatory penalties. Most organizations […]

10 steps to secure your M365 environment (part 2)

This is the second blog in a series about actions your organization can take to improve the security of your Microsoft365 tenant. You can find the first introductory blog here. The previous blog described the “Security Defaults” in Azure Active Directory (AAD) as a means to quickly implement MFA across your entire organisation. The ease […]

How Microsoft Teams has been key to growing our business during the Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been terrible for societies and families around the world, and the required lock-down has negatively impacted many businesses. But the required change has also forced us to rethink how we work and stay connected. We already had the tools available before the pandemic, but not the mindset. During the first six […]

Microsoft Teams and your DRMS: don’t forget about your Corporate Permissions!

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a key component in Microsoft’s 365 suite. Many customers now are deploying a Team where they used to deploy a SharePoint Site if a user requested a workspace. It’s integrated collaboration and communication features have been very appealing during the last year. And with more and more functionality being added […]

Tweedaagse workshop SharePoint Syntex, Viva Topics en trainbare classifiers

Dit jaar investeren Microsoft en Infotechtion in nieuwe oplossingen die mensen op innovatieve wijze verbinden met kennis, experts en inzichten. Deze oplossingen bouwen voort op de beste apps en diensten, waaronder SharePoint, Yammer, Stream en Microsoft Search. Ze stellen uw medewerkers en teams in staat effici├źnter te weken en betere besluiten te nemen. Als Microsoft […]

2 Day Workshop SharePoint Syntex, Viva Topics and Trainable Classifiers

This year, Microsoft and Infotechtion are investing in next-generation experiences which connect people with knowledge, experts, and insights. These experiences build on best-of-breed apps and services, including SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, and Microsoft Search, delivering premium capabilities that will empower your teams from the top floor to the shop floor. Infotechtion is a Microsoft Gold Partner […]

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