Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration – A Content Assessment

Brian Tuemmler


The rise in virtual meetings in Teams, as well as the time and effort that Microsoft has put into M365, means that organizations now have access to amazing Information governance technologies and compliance features. Whether or not your organization is taking advantage of all those capabilities, with an E3 license or an E5 license, is a different matter.

There is a fairly easy way to see if your organization will benefit by adopting M365 governance capabilities, and at what level. Look at your legacy ungoverned content. It is hard to know what to protect, how to organize it, and how to optimize your M365 environment if you have no visibility into your existing content.

We typically find that as much as 35% of stored content does not have any relative business value or is duplicated (several instances of the same file are stored) and can be deleted from corporate file stores. Indeed, 50% of the content has no searchable text and cannot be addressed by keyword or regular expression text searching.

An Infotechtion content assessment will provide insights into the 90% of your unstructured content that has not yet made it into M365. We will index and analyze selected collections of your on-premise content on shared drives, SharePoint and other locations to help you make eyes-wide-open decisions on three levels:

Detailed Action

  • Content to clean up and throw away, and the expected benefits of doing so

  • High value content to be migrated to M365 and level of effort to optimize compliance

  • Risky or out-of-compliance content that needs immediate protection

  • What users create that needs to be managed in some other way

Operational Value

  • Inventory of Personally Identifiable (PII) elements and records classification opportunities

  • Map of high value/high risk and low risk locations

  • Taxonomy elements found in existing content to guide M365 implementation labeling

  • Historical file management practices and use case opportunities for M365

Strategic Priorities

  • Information Governance structure observations and maturity assessment for unstructured content activities around litigation response, RIM, Privacy, Mergers, Divestitures, business change and other IG projects

  • Information Governance practice review and strategy for IG technologies, sites, deployments and taxonomy in M365

A content assessment is a low risk, low impact, no software investment to guide you on how to achieve better information governance based on how you have been doing it over the past 30 years. You can drastically reduce the time and effort of migration and help maximize user adoption.

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