With the massive amount and a variety of data getting created at an accelerated growth, it has become crucial and difficult for organizations to govern, protect, and stay compliant. To avoid any kind of legal or security risk, it is important to detect and classify data accurately.

It’s no longer possible for the users to manually identify and classify such high volume of data accurately. One solution to this problem is auto-classification. While there has been a lot of buzz around auto-classifying data using machine learning techniques such as trainable classifiers, there are a lot of challenges that we face.

Key Challenges of Auto-Classification:

  • Not enough data to make decisions

  • Dependencies on users to provide good sample documents, and keywords

  • Higher number of false Positives

  • Considerable amount of time is required from the users initially to train the models and make the system intelligent

So how can we breakthrough?

Infotechtion has developed an innovative solution leveraging the power of AI along with our Infotechtion SME knowledge to analyze, enrich and classify information automatically. The Infotechtion Autoclassification solution provides a detailed view on what is there, what needs to be done thus helping organizations to have a clear understanding of their content and identify potential risks and take appropriate decisions. It provides structure to unstructured content that increases the value of the information helping in gaining important insights and better decision making.

Effective model towards an automated M365 compliance is by following the Do it Now and Do it Later Approach

While the auto-classification solutions leveraging, AI, using trainable classifiers, SharePoint Syntex, Viva topics sounds good on paper, it is important to understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. The objective should always be on continuous improvements with measurable results. Infotechtion is committed to work with our customers on solutions utilizing such breakthrough AI technologies to overcome challenges and reduce the burden on organizations and solidify their information governance.

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