Leveraging MS Purview eDiscovery: Enhancing Data Security & Compliance, and handling legal investigations


Microsoft’s Purview eDiscovery shines as a powerful tool for identifying and delivering electronic evidence that can be crucial in legal cases, However, its functionality extends beyond legal matters; It also plays a vital role in managing data security and compliance throughout an entire organization. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of MS Purview eDiscovery, and why your company might need it to bolster its data security and compliance efforts.

Microsoft 365 has 3 eDiscovery tiers which are marked by their different tools:

  • Tier 1 – Content Search: A fundamental tool, Content Search allows you to search for content across various Microsoft 365 data sources, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Groups, and Viva Engage. You can export search results to a local computer for further analysis.
  • Tier 2 – eDiscovery Standard: Building on the capabilities of Content Search, eDiscovery Standard enables you to create eDiscovery cases and assign eDiscovery managers to specific cases. These managers can access only the cases to which they are assigned. This tool also allows you to place eDiscovery Holds on content locations, preserving critical data.
  • Tier 3 – eDiscovery Premium: The premium version of MS Purview eDiscovery provides a comprehensive end-to-end workflow management system. It covers the identification, preservation, collection, review, analysis, and export of content. This is particularly useful for both internal and external investigations. Legal teams can manage the entire legal hold notification workflow, communicating with custodians involved in a case.

The benefits of eDiscovery Premium – Advanced Features for Efficient Data Management:

  • eDiscovery Premium makes use of 3 intelligent tools: Deep Indexing. Email Threading and Near-Duplicate Detection.
  • Deep indexing: Extracts metadata and content from files, storing it in a searchable index, facilitating fast content searches across a large number of files.
  • Email threading: Groups related email messages together into single conversation threads, streamlining email message review.
  • Near-duplicate detection: Identifies similar documents, grouping them together and reducing the number of documents that need review.

So Why Would a Company Need MS Purview eDiscovery?

  • Data Security and Compliance via End-to-End Workflow Management: MS Purview eDiscovery ensures data security and compliance through its comprehensive workflow management. It helps you identify and respond to potential data breaches promptly.
  • Responding to Internal and External (Legal) Investigations: In legal matters, it is crucial to have the right tools to retrieve evidence swiftly and efficiently. MS Purview eDiscovery enables you to handle internal and external investigations effectively.

Early Case Benefits – Assessment:

  • Gathering and Documenting Information in Response to Threats: Threats can come in various forms, including cyberattacks, data leaks, or employee misconduct. MS Purview eDiscovery helps gather and document information, crucial for addressing these threats.
  • Limiting Further Damage to Threats: Rapid response to threats is vital to prevent further damage. With MS Purview eDiscovery, you can act swiftly to contain and mitigate the impact of security incidents.
  • Better Response to Future Threats: By implementing MS Purview eDiscovery, your organization can enhance its overall security posture. This prepares you for better responses to future threats, ensuring data integrity and protection.


Today’s fast-paced cybersecurity landscape demands robust data security and compliance solutions. Microsoft’s Purview eDiscovery equips businesses with a comprehensive toolkit to identify, protect, and manage electronic evidence while enhancing data security and compliance efforts. MS Purview eDiscovery is an indispensable asset.

The road ahead

As my colleagues blogpost (Navigating Cross-Platform Collaboration Data: Yet Another (Solvable) eDiscovery Challenge – Infotechtion) highlights eDiscovery is really a multidimensional, cross platform collaboration activity. The costs of eDiscovery rise quickly when approached through traditional mechanisms to solve modern investigative problems.

Infotechtion is a globally recognized Software and Consulting firm, and a Microsoft Solutions Partner, with a global presence spanning Europe, the UK, Asia, and North America. Our experienced consultants can offer tailored, innovative solutions for organizations of all sizes, empowering you with cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Purview eDiscovery and Infotechtion-ARM extensions to establish a unified solution for cross platform litigation processes. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@infotechtion.com if you need assistance with your Microsoft 365 adoption journey.

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