M365 Information Protection Powers a Simple User Guide to Information Sharing


Microsoft365 integrated with Governance and Protection capabilities can significantly simplify many user experiences, specially when relates to sharing information internally and externally. Not only, you can better control which information is shared with external parties but also guide the users to ensure they make informed decisions. Infotechtion leverages multiple technology components – Sensitivity Labels, Auto classification using Syntex, Retention Labels, Device Management, Sensitive Information Types and Microsoft’s latest Privacy compliance solution – Priva Privacy Management Software | Microsoft Security . In this blog I am explaining the simplified guidance you can provide to your end users when above technologies are configured to work automatically in the background to keep your company information secure and compliant.

Share Files with a client or customer

Going one way?

  • Easy, just attach it to your email message in Outlook, apply correct sensitivity Label to ensure information is accessible to intended recipients only.

  • Your company policies will guide you in real time if the information is not suitable to be sent as attachment to external recipients.

Need an updated response ?

  • Share it with an Edit link from OneDrive with relevant sensitivity label – they’ll be able to edit in place with you.

  • Your company policies will still be able to control the behaviour and compliance when file is accessed by the recipient from a device not managed by your company

Share Files with a supplier or an external partner

You’ve got a project going or you regularly work together with a supplier or partner. Passing files back and forth is getting old.

What do you do?

  • Invite them as a guest to a team in Microsoft Teams and work with them there.

  • Upload your files and you’re good to go. You can even chat and answer questions as you go.

  • And you can add separate channels or teams for additional suppliers or partners

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share and work together, even with people outside your business

Share Files inside your business

Working on internal projects? Either Microsoft Teams or SharePoint will work just fine.

  • Set up your team site so everyone has access and store your files.

  • Everyone can work on the same version of a document and always stay up to date.

  • Your SharePoint and Team sites are configured with advanced intelligence to classify information automatically based on its content, you can change / updated it.

  • Your Compliance team has implemented intelligent policies which protects and retains your information based on ‘type of information’ and matching legal obligations to keep and delete the information.

For more information on how you can achieve a simpler user experience with integrated protection of information Contact us to see a unified experience when Microsoft365 is configured with recommended practices.

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