Microsoft Teams and Governance are better together


Microsoft Teams is more than just a technology, it is a platform for a new way of working, getting the most out of MS Teams requires a focus on team effectiveness and governance. Microsoft Teams’ adoption without an organized and predictable way to govern the teamwork effectiveness, lifecycle, privacy, and security will always have a direct or indirect impact on the productivity, reputation, and profit of an organization.

Effective Teamwork as seen below in the 6 Team conditions relies on a careful design as a foundation to a high performing team. At Infotechtion, we enable organizations to achieve effective teamwork through a single ‘Teams Hub’ providing 3 core enablers to ensure an organized approach to Team effectiveness.

Source: Research by Dr Ruth Wageman, Harvard Scholar

Sound Structure: Team Hub as the architectural foundation of a scalable team structure to ensure a Team structure is built on organization best practices, naming conventions, taxonomy, and lifecycle management policies.

Team Coaching: Team hub as a centralized access point for all experts to connect and guide the Team to make excellent use of its resources.

Supportive Context: Team hub as an integrated learning portal to provide self-service training to promote the best use of Microsoft Teams features and promote great teamwork.

What is Teams Hub?

How new Team collections are created and governed is the best place to automate and integrate teamwork best practices. The key is to focus on making it easy for users yet integrate sufficient guidance and governance to maintain long term team effectiveness.

Teams hub is an open-source product from Infotechtion built on Microsoft power platform to accelerate governance deployment and ongoing operational governance in Microsoft 365.

Automated Provisioning

Automate manual tasks involved in the creation and setup of Teams with seamless access to create/request a new Team. This enables enterprises to assess the requirements, and automatically apply naming, security, taxonomy, and compliance controls when a new Team is created. Enhance the experience by uploading predefined templates for a seamless experience leveraging existing M365 features.

Knowledge Hub

Teams Hub combines the power of Microsoft learning pathways and Microsoft SharePoint to provide a tailored learning experience for the entire organization.

  • Integrate user guidance and training videos directly in Micorosft teams

  • Receive automated quarterly updates on Teams learning content and videos directly from Microsoft

Operational Governance

Teams Hub provides a single interface to extract key insights about Teams and associated compliance for your compliance and governance stakeholders. Teams Hub leverages the existing analytics provided by Microsoft and an open platform to surface additional insights as defined by your Information governance standards.

Why Teams Hub?

Teams Hub is designed on open standards to bring all the existing goodness of Microsoft 365 to a single platform. As this product is built on an open platform and existing Microsoft 365 capabilities, it enables organizations to maintain and further enhance without a license impact or dependency on a single IT supplier to maintain the solution. Most features explained in this article are assembled using existing Microsoft functionalities and use of Power platform and provides a flexible approach to implement and maintain governance either with your existing IT capabilities or in partnership with Infotechtion.

Trial Office 365 Compliance With Infotechtion

We provide a self-service approach to validation of the key information governance use cases integrated with Office 365 compliance, in a test environment hosted in Microsoft 365, and

pre-configured by Infotechtion experts.

Key Highlights:

1. Configured proof-of-concept tenant with the test data for 40 days

2. The required Microsoft E5 licenses for the trial period

3. Establish a business case for change based on evidence

Our approach is highly effective and is proven to be 10x faster and cost-efficient than traditional approaches to test Office 365 compliance features. 

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