Office 365 Compliance with Intelligent File Experience in Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 recent updates bring a consistent experience across Onedrive for business, SharePoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. The consistency and seamless experience continue to build on the theme of built-in office 365 compliance.

Let’s look at how Artificial intelligence and interoperability provides real-time office 365 compliance and governance.

Office 365 compliance
Office 365 interoperability for file sharing experience

One Drive for Business File Sharing Experience extends to other office applications

You can now not only share files with permissions across Microsoft 365 but can also use the same permissions management experience when sharing links in another office 365 applications.

office 365 compliance

file sharing experience in Microsoft Teams

This update enables you to seamlessly copy links across browsers, paste them Microsoft 365 application, and get the sharing experience in the context of the application.

Microsoft intelligence understands the context of the application and shows relevant sharing options. As an example, links, when copied from ODB and pasted in a Teams channel, displays an additional option to share link and associated file with the Team in which the link has been posted.

This is a much simpler experience for users as we all naturally lean on copying links through the browser instead of using the built-in ‘copy link’ or sharing features. The same experience is also available in Outlook web access and SharePoint online.

‘Request Files’ feature to use a SharePoint / Teams folder as a dropbox

Request files feature enables you to create an upload only place within your document library to request someone to upload files without letting them see the contents of the folder.

Office 365 compliance

Request file access feature in Microsoft Teams

Yes!! and you can do this without breaking any inheritance of access permissions. This is major in strengthening office 365 compliance especially for those who engage with cross-business teams or even external users sending files on a regular basis.

The outcome is that the recipient receives a link and options to upload files to the shared folder but they cannot access anything else in the library, not even any existing files in the shared folder. So, no more sending files in emails, and next time you have to ask someone to send invoices, resumes, or other documents, just shared the link through the ‘request files’ feature.

You can watch the below video for more innovations in sharing experience recently released or currently in preview for Microsoft 365. Office 365 compliance is not only about deploying large programs, but you can also begin by using regular features and using them correctly.

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