The Impact of Office 365 Compliance


Most enterprises are now adopting Office 365 compliance to better connect people, information, and knowledge. This creates new challenges – but also opportunities – for transforming governance and protection of corporate information. As an example, the below image shows some of the ways Office 365 store files and conversations.

Office 365 compliance

Office 365 architecture

The ever-expanding IT landscape and plethora of services are almost impossible to manage using a 3rd party IT solution, and Microsoft has therefore introduced a new Information Governance suite (part of Office 365 compliance) to help companies get governance and ensure compliance. Infotechtion is one of the leading consulting firms with a proven track record of implementing Microsoft Information Governance and Records Management for several global and highly regulated companies with up to 100,000 users.


Managing Information Governance with Office 365 compliance

Office 365 compliance provides the latest set of features to simplify information management and compliance responsibilities. Few enterprises found SharePoint on-premise good enough for managing corporate records, but this has changed with Microsoft 365 (Office 365 compliance). The key to managing governance and compliance in M365 is not just SharePoint Online, but Microsoft information governance to simplify and automate records management with record labels and label policies.

The volume of information is expected to grow 4.5 times over the next 2 years – AIIM industry watch 2020

Once you integrate Office 365 compliance with M365 architecture, you transform M365 into a secure and compliant platform for digital transformation. Information is managed within the platform, and apps can be built or bought on top of the platform to meet specific business needs. M365 governance suite can also manage content from 3rd party solutions including SAP, Oracle, and ServiceNow. The consequence is better-connected people, information, and knowledge with inherent and transparent security and compliance.  M365  Information Governance Features will make it easier to find and manage information.

Infotechtion has already implemented Microsoft 365 integrated with Office 365 compliance features at several large and highly regulated companies. There are many ways of configuring Office 365 compliance, but often it includes establishing an integrated architecture for SharePoint sites (and other Office 365 applications) that are created manually or automatically when users create Teams, Planner, Yammer, Exchange groups, and Stream.

High level integration of Office 365 compliance with Microsoft 365

Office 365 compliance reference architecture

An integrated architecture is a critical success factor, this includes key fundamental principles focused on simplifying your user experience without compromising compliance objectives. An example of a key architectural activity would be to outline the role of site provisioning services and metadata models for both new and existing SharePoint, Teams, or Exchange collections.

Information architecture informed by Office 365 compliance, business, and in-depth product knowledge can lead to various benefits. As an example, the Infotechtion approach focusses on the importance of automated metadata application, to ensure all information receives default metadata and governance policies instead of overheads for users to take the right actions. As a result, users experience improved search, – through Microsoft 365 search – or use progressive refiners – to find information per business area, location, process, etc.

We also simplify and automate records management based on content and metadata. We believe with Office 365 compliance and automation improvements customers have a unique opportunity to define a robust adoption implementation in partnership with Infotechtion. You will find more details about our approach for a robust information governance system in the following blog post.


Trial Office 365 Compliance With Infotechtion

We provide a self-service approach to validation of the key information governance use cases integrated with Office 365 compliance, in a test environment hosted in Microsoft 365, and

pre-configured by Infotechtion experts.

Key Highlights:

1. Configured proof-of-concept tenant with the test data for 40 days

2. The required Microsoft E5 licenses for the trial period

3. Establish a business case for change based on evidence

Our approach is highly effective and is proven to be 10x faster and cost-efficient than traditional approaches to test Office 365 compliance features. Find out how we can help, by contacting us: 

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