Enhancing Governance Through Insightful Reporting with i-ARM


Power BI stands as a transformative force in the realm of data analytics, and its application in Infotechtion’s -ARM solution magnifies its impact. Through dynamic reports, Power BI brings to life the granular details of data governance, security, and compliance. For organizations utilizing i-ARM, these reports are more than just figures and charts—they are a lens through which data becomes actionable intelligence. The integration of Power BI with i-ARM turns complex datasets into visually intuitive dashboards that not only streamline the audit process but also unveil patterns and trends essential for strategic decisions, positioning organizations to act with confidence and foresight.

The Potential of Power BI in i-ARM

Power BI’s integration into i-ARM serves as the analytical brain of information governance, bringing a new level of sophistication to organizational data oversight. It enables the crafting of dynamic, interactive reports that not only map out the current data landscape but also track and analyze data flow and usage over time. These capabilities allow organizations to readily identify areas of compliance risk, data misuse, or inefficiency. The ability to customize and drill down into reports equips decision-makers with the tools to foresee potential issues and fine-tune strategies, ensuring governance policies are both proactive and responsive. With Power BI, i-ARM not only simplifies data complexity into understandable insights but also becomes a proactive partner in the organizational quest for data integrity and security.

Here are some of the capabilities of Power BI reporting that empowers organizations:

Data Security Reporting

With i-ARM’s Data Security reports, companies can swiftly identify potential breaches by monitoring sensitive information mismatches and rule violations, ensuring they remain one step ahead in data protection.

Governance and Compliance

Governance reports in i-ARM detail labeling activities and policy implementations across the organization, providing an easy audit trail for compliance checks and operational reviews.

Data Sharing Insights

Understanding data sharing practices is crucial for security and compliance. i-ARM’s Data Sharing reports offer detailed analyses of internal and external sharing, tracking how information is distributed amongst teams and beyond company borders.

Deletion and Retention Tracking

i-ARM’s deletion overview ensures that data retention policies are adhered to, with visual reports highlighting deleted files, retention actions, and policy adherence, safeguarding against accidental loss of important information.

User-Friendly Visualization

Each report is a testament to the ease of navigation and comprehension, thanks to the intuitive and interactive dashboards designed in Power BI. They turn complex datasets into straightforward visuals that enhance decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Toward a Strategic Future with i-ARM and Power BI

As organizations navigate the complexities of data governance and compliance, the role of advanced reporting through Power BI in the i-ARM solution stands out as a game-changer. These dynamic reports not only illuminate the path to data-driven decision-making but also serve as a beacon for secure, compliant, and efficient business operations. The capabilities unlocked through i-ARM and Power BI promise not just a reaction to the present but a blueprint for a more informed and strategic future. Adopting such powerful tools is not just an upgrade to an organization’s data strategy—it’s a bold step into a future where data isn’t just managed; it’s mastered.

Infotechtion is a trusted partner of Microsoft and a leader in information management and governance. We have extensive experience and expertise in helping organizations leverage the power of AI and cloud technologies to create value from information. Contact us today at contact@infotechtion.com to learn more about i-ARM!

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