Are you in for “Employee Wellbeing in Hybrid Working” ?

Since March 2020 the phenomenon of working changed, and organizations were forced to adopt new ways of working arrangement to cope up the business challenges during pandemics. We’re on the brink of a disruption due to sudden shift to remote work: the move to hybrid work – a blended model where some employees return to […]

What is Microsoft Project Nucleus?

Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper introduced the latest innovation on Microsoft SharePoint online platform called Project Nucleus. Read more about it in this blogpost by my colleague and friend Per Sivertsen – Project Nucleus is alive! Project Nucleus will bring the boost of performance and reliability of web applications to SharePoint online. The new technology will […]

3 Governance Lessons from Team Sport

To win with sports you need a number of elements essential for Teamwork. If you perfect the elements, you will even end up in top sport and win elite competitions World Cup. You need exactly those elements to make your business work well and be profitable. What happens if you don’t perform a certain element […]

How Microsoft Teams has been key to growing our business during the Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been terrible for societies and families around the world, and the required lock-down has negatively impacted many businesses. But the required change has also forced us to rethink how we work and stay connected. We already had the tools available before the pandemic, but not the mindset. During the first six […]

3 Reasons Microsoft missed the trick with ‘Share To Teams’.

The new Outlook add-in from Microsoft provides a convenient method to transfer an individual email with its attachments to one or more Microsoft Channels. Like it or not, but email is still the glue that ties an organization’s workforce communication together. We use it to communicate with our bosses, colleagues, partners, and customers. We use […]

Automate Information Governance with M365 approval workflows

This is an exciting time for organisations working with Microsoft 365: multiple innovations are rapidly following and being integrated with each other to improve the business value of information. In this blog, we specifically focus on using Teams / SharePoint Approvals to automatically apply Retention Labels. Watch the following short video to get an […]

Why Manage Microsoft Teams Chats?

Emails have been a primary medium of communication/correspondence for a long time. Many organizations are working towards developing the policies or capabilities to manage governance in emails to meet their compliance and records management commitments. We are subject to 10 times more emails per day compared to 5 years ago. Whatever the number is, it’s […]

Automated SharePoint Metadata Extraction for Effective Governace.

SharePoint Online and increasingly Microsoft Teams are used for teamwork and collaboration. In my experience, a significant portion of the business information created/received as part of a business activity lives in un / semi-structured documents and other file formats. In many of these situations, we can significantly improve decision making by extracting important information and […]

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams App Templates

This blog will help you learn all there is to know about Microsoft Teams App Templates. First, we will get to know what apps in MS Teams really are. Then, I will give an overview of Microsoft Teams App Templates and some of the key benefits of using app templates. I will also highlight some […]

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