Information Governance
and Security Everywhere.

Infotechtion products are built on a Microsoft Purview foundation and extend the capabilities in information protection and data governance to scale to the needs of large organizations in regulated industries with integrated AI automations. We maximize the effectiveness of data-centric security and retention controls through one set of policies defined in Microsoft Purview.

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Tag, label, and bucket your content, with multiple integrated tools including Co-Pilot, to maximize protection and retention


Track, retain and control record data accurately, over time and at a scale, appropriate for compliance mandates


Quickly identify, understand, and act upon your sensitive information to minimize risk and enhance your data stewardship


Minimize your data cost, administration, and attack surface through ROT removal and enhanced disposition management


Our solutions are designed to address every facet of information protection and governance within the Microsoft cloud and beyond.


Welcome to Infotechtion Insights, your ultimate destination for the latest updates, insights, and resources on information technology and protection.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse array of premium services we offer to manage and safeguard sensitive information


Infotechtion”s solutions, in collaboration with Microsoft, are designed to address the specific security needs of organizations across a range of industries.

Infotechtion Solutions

Infotechtion is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of Information Protection & Governance.

i-ARM for Purview

Infotechtion-ARM (i-ARM) for Microsoft Purview is the only product which is built on Purview itself to provide an integrated platform for information protection and records/information lifecycle management. Our Solution capabilities impact all stages of the client protection and governance maturity lifespan.

Case Management

Infotechtion Advanced Case Management functionality in SharePoint Online with enrichment of properties related to the case (case name, case handler, expiration date etc.). Planner board with set of defined tasks, approval workflows, tracking and monitoring, case archiving, information protection, governance, and data loss prevention.

AI Classification Engine

Infotechtion’s Autoclassification solution leverages the power of AI along with our Infotechtion knowledge and experience to analyze, enrich, and classify information automatically.
We leverage:

  • MS trainable classifiers
  • KQL classification capabilities from wordlists, regular expressions, proximity ranking, adaptive scopes location definitions
  • Sensitive Information Types
  • Syntex auto-classification and data extraction
  • Retention Labels and Content Types from associated cloud-based retention schedule products, such as Access Corporation’s Virgo or Iron Mountain’s Policy Center
  • Azure cognitive service to enhance the data with OCR, image recognitions, audio transcription, translation

Explore Infotechtion Services

Infotechtion was founded by leading Information Governance experts with a vision to modernize information management activities and create value from information. Fast forward to today the company has grown into one of the leading solutions and consulting firms pioneering the application of technology solutions to meet global regulatory compliance requirements.

Our vision is to be a global advisory-of-choice for companies and organizations who desire holistic integrated information Governance maximizing the value of information wherever it lives.

Whats in it for you?

When companies buy software as a service, the only lasting asset to manage is the information.

Protect your data

At Infotechtion, we strive to be the best in providing cutting-edge services and solutions for data governance, security, and compliance. Our innovative offerings include i-ARM for Purview, ensuring the safe and compliant handling of long-term sensitive data and records. Copilot, which enhances productivity through AI-driven suggestions and corrections. Know your data to secure your data using comprehensive tools for discovering and protecting sensitive data throughout its lifecycle. Keep what you need and delete the rest through advanced insights for optimizing data governance in Microsoft 365, helping you retain what’s necessary and securely delete the rest. 

Trust Infotechtion to elevate your data strategy to the highest standard.

i-ARM for Purview

Infotechtion-ARM ensures safe and compliant management of long-term sensitive data and records


Uncover how you can adopt Copilot while also mitigating the risks

Know Your Data to Secure Your Data

Discover and protect sensitive and important data throughout its lifecycle

Keep What You Need and Delete the Rest

Get the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your data in Microsoft 365

Learn more about our success stories & case studies


Global energy company improves information
management while reducing costs.

Standardized on Microsoft 365 for collaboration and
information management


FSA helps keep UK food supply safe with Microsoft
Purview Records Management.

The agency desired a more future-proof alternative to
boost collaboration, productivity, and security.

Infotechtion partnerships

We are proud of our strong partnerships that help us deliver innovative and effective solutions. Together, we drive success and create lasting impacts in the technology landscape. Infotechtion’s solutions, in collaboration with Microsoft, are designed to address the specific security needs of organizations across a range of industries.

Infotechtion blog

Our blog is a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring articles written by industry experts. We cover a wide range of topics, from the latest developments in Microsoft Purview Compliance, to data protection and management in Microsoft 365. We also delve into Change Management and Adoption and tackle Insider risk, among other pertinent issues.

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