Get Ahead of the Microsoft 365 Information Tsunami in 2023

Part 2: Delivering a unified M365 IG strategy across the records life-cycle In last month’s blog, Gareth Aitken, Vice President of Preservica Commercial Strategy outlined the challenges of managing the pace and complexity of information as a result of rapid Microsoft 365 adoption over the past few years. This month, we’ll take a look at […]

Get Ahead of the Microsoft 365 Information Tsunami in 2023

Infotechtion is Proud to Announce a Partnership with Preservica to automate digital preservation in Microsoft 365 Infotechtion is proud to announce its partnership with Preservica, leaders in Active Digital Preservation archiving, to support implementation of Preservica’s new product launching in 2023 – Preserve365™. This product seamlessly embeds Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation archiving within the Microsoft […]

Common misconceptions about Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager is a cloud-based compliance management solution that provides a unified view of compliance across multiple data sources, enabling organisations to identify and prioritize compliance risks, establish controls to address them, and monitor compliance over time. In compliance manager, the compliance is tracked by addressing the ‘improvement actions’ which are generated by […]

Just enough security & compliance permissions for Just In Time access

It is often the requirement of large organisations to grant security and compliance roles to non IT staff members of different sections. In this article we take a look at the challenges and its solution while granting the minimum security & compliance permissions for limited time access with proper control and auditing. Grant the minimum […]

Tackle Insider Risks

Tackle Insider Risks People think insider risks only apply to businesses but it is not. Since a few days everyone can hear the word “Insider Risk” in the news and even in politics. In this blog, we will learn more about insider risks and the importance of tackling it, with useful built-in tools available in […]

5 Use Cases for Custom Sensitive Info Types in Microsoft Purview Compliance

Sensitive info types (SITs) are pattern-based data classifiers in Microsoft 365 Purview. Microsoft has 300+ built-in sensitive info types and the list is continuously increasing. Organizations can automate compliance with built-in SITs or create custom sensitive info types to identify and classify their data crown jewels. In this article we look at 5 use cases […]

Microsoft Purview – the future of unified data governance solution

Data Governance is often overlooked when it comes to architecting your data estate. Microsoft Purview is the new unified data governance solution that can help manage your data whether it is on on-premises, multi-cloud, or entirely on Azure. Microsoft Purview is a combination of what was formerly known as Azure Purview and Microsoft 365’s compliance […]

Microsoft Information Protection – Trainable Classifiers

Entropy – the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system [merriam-webster dictionary] Every organization starts with a fairly defined way of working to achieve its goal. This includes processes, people, information and technology. Initially everything works fine, everyone is following the process and things seem organized exactly the way the organization aimed for. As […]

Microsoft Information Security vs Information Protection

Safeguard your Enterprise Information Ecosystem with Microsoft Information Security and Information Protection tools. Organizations nowadays have to be more resilient than ever. The need for organizations to remain Business As Usual (BAU) has increased exposure to external threats/risks by hackers, data theft, architectural loopholes, ultimately leading to customers’ lack of trust in the ability of […]

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