Metadata extraction with Microsoft Syntex

The world of AI In recent times the main goal for many companies, including Microsoft was making work-life easier by allowing users to utilize the power of AI so that users can spend less time on mundane activities. Microsoft Syntex is a user-friendly, low-code solution that offers simplicity in both comprehension and setup. It leverages […]

Optimizing Document Lifecycle in SharePoint

From the moment a document is created to its eventual disposition, it goes through a series of stages that can be both exciting and challenging. But fear not, Infotechtion is here to guide you through all the steps of document lifecycle process in SharePoint. In this blog post we’ll take you on a journey from […]

The importance and benefits of change management in digital transformations

Learn how to swim and not drown The unfortunate events from two years ago have forced many of us to do a 180-degree switch to the ways we work. Enabling the ability to work remotely and implementation of digital collaboration spaces have become number one priority for a lot of companies. Usage of solutions like […]

Records vs. Non Records – Keep The Value, Delete The ROT

It is predicted that by 2025 global data creation will reach 175 ZB (zettabytes). Is it a lot you might wonder, let me put it into a perspective: an average word document has a size of just 321kB (kilobytes). In one ZB we can store 311’500’000’000’000-word files! Now take that and multiply by 175, does […]

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