Be ready for Copilot

Its not if, but when you will implement AI solutions like Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. 

This will transform the digital workplace, but it also comes with risks.

  • Copilot surfaces ALL organization data which individual has at least view-permissions​
  • Majority of data has no classifications or Microsoft Purview Information Protection classifications​
  • AI generated content is likely to add more sensitive data scenarios.​

Infotechtion has developed methodologies and frameworks to mitigate the risks.

  • Automate Least privilege permissions
  • Automate the classifying of existing and new M365 data with Microsoft Sensitivity labels
  • Automate data lifecycle management workflows to delete ROT, temp, duplicate data.
  • Actionable insights to manage new sensitive data generated by users / AI

Important: You need to limit access to sensitive information, e.g., privacy data, commercial sensitive information, market sensitive, intellectual property rights. Oversharing will create compliance, legal, commercial, and reputational risks.

Ensure your Copilot success with an Infotechtion assessment:

  1. Identity access management: ensure users and Copilot have correct access.
  2. Workspace lifecycle management: ensure users and Copilot have access to relevant MS. Teams/SharePoint sites
  3. Data lifecycle management: ensure users and Copilot rely on trustworthy and reliable information.
  4. Operational governance: ensure roles and responsibilities for continuous improvements.
  5. Communication and training: ensure users know how to maximize value of Copilot.


The assessment includes deepscan reports and dashboard to identify and mitigate risks.

Use Infotechtion ARM to expand and extend Microsoft Purview functionality to SharePoint, fileservers, Azure files and other solutions

  • Identity and delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT) incl. duplicates
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Sensitivity label classifications at scale
  • Review, set, and/or correct wrong Retention/Record label classifications at scale
  • Review and classify files that have not yet been classified at scale

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