Microsoft Information Protection Best Practices

Most companies have now started to realize that they need to improve how important and sensitive information is protected in Microsoft 365 and beyond. This could be sensitive market information, commercial information, information about customers and staff, and other information that should not leave the organization. Why information protection: 34% of data breaches involved internal […]

Microsoft Information Protection – Trainable Classifiers

Entropy – the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system [merriam-webster dictionary] Every organization starts with a fairly defined way of working to achieve its goal. This includes processes, people, information and technology. Initially everything works fine, everyone is following the process and things seem organized exactly the way the organization aimed for. As […]

M365 Retention Label Triggers and Versioning

Microsoft 365 Retention & Records management features allows the use of retention labels for applying retention settings at a granular level i.e. items – individual documents & emails. We know the retention triggers, based on which the retention duration is calculated for a document. But is there a difference in how individual versions are retained […]

What is Microsoft Priva?

So you heard us announcing the Microsoft Priva at our webinar – Establish an information protection and privacy strategy with Microsoft Principal Group Program Manager Nishan DeSilva. I will build on from the webinar and provide further insights into Microsoft Priva. Microsoft Priva is a new category of features in Microsoft Compliance Centre, providing solutions […]

Microsoft Information Security vs Information Protection

Safeguard your Enterprise Information Ecosystem with Microsoft Information Security and Information Protection tools. Organizations nowadays have to be more resilient than ever. The need for organizations to remain Business As Usual (BAU) has increased exposure to external threats/risks by hackers, data theft, architectural loopholes, ultimately leading to customers’ lack of trust in the ability of […]


With the massive amount and a variety of data getting created at an accelerated growth, it has become crucial and difficult for organizations to govern, protect, and stay compliant. To avoid any kind of legal or security risk, it is important to detect and classify data accurately. It’s no longer possible for the users to […]

Relation hierarchy with hubs site (and Hub sites in Hub site)

We often talk about the importance of flat structure and using metadata to but contexts to content. Why would you use hub sites or even hub sites in a hub site? Let us first look at what hub sites are and what they can give you. We often use hub sites to create easier navigation […]

Best practices for Microsoft Records Management

Below are some of our resources addressing best practices for Microsoft Records Management. Establishing the business case Automation options Modernizing records management policies In-place vs centralised records management Big bucket retention categories Automate records management Metadata Taxonomies Lifecycle models Records declaration options Event-based retention Records revisions Adaptive policies Disposition reviews Multi-stage disposition reviews Access management […]

M365 Information Protection Powers a Simple User Guide to Information Sharing

Microsoft365 integrated with Governance and Protection capabilities can significantly simplify many user experiences, specially when relates to sharing information internally and externally. Not only, you can better control which information is shared with external parties but also guide the users to ensure they make informed decisions. Infotechtion leverages multiple technology components – Sensitivity Labels, Auto […]

Information an Asset or a risk?

The rapid increase in digital collaboration provides challenges and opportunities for effectively managing Information, its reliability, retention, protection, and ability to find valuable information to support efficient business decisions. As work increasingly happens in Microsoft 365, governance (and its adoption) is an essential component of managing your corporate information and knowledge in the cloud. To […]

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