How to reduce SharePoint Online Storage

Atle Skjekkeland


Many Microsoft 365 customers have already run out of SharePoint Online storage and therefore buying additional storage from Microsoft. Below are three ways we can help you reduce your SharePoint Online storage.

Option 1: Microsoft 365 Archive process

  • Microsoft 365 Archive allows you to retain inactive data by moving it into a cold storage tier (archive) within SharePoint.
  • Any data archived with Microsoft 365 Archive will have the same searchability, security, and compliance standards applied automatically at a much reduced cost.
  • Archived data tier storage: $0.05/GB; Reactivation of archived data after 7 days: $0.60/GB
  • Currently, end user search results won’t show any archived content. Columns such as Archived Date and Archived By aren’t currently available, but are planned and will be rolled out when available.

Option 2: SharePoint storage optimization project

  • Identify Azure Archival Candidates​: File Types required but not suitable for M365. E.g. PST, Source Code, Videos​; Information held for investigations and audit.; Inactive Workspaces / Sites.​
  • Identify Deletion Candidates​: True duplicates​; Backup, Temporary files​; Hidden Files​; Recycle bin​; Files with personal data, not accessed over a certain period​; File version history beyond certain versions​
  • Identify Size Compression Candidates​; Images​; Embedded images in Power point presentations​; Large Video files​; PDF conversion of long term records with compression.

Option 3: SharePoint non-records deletion project

  • Implement deletion policy of files without a record label that have not been modified in 3 years (unless on legal hold).
  • Provide the organization with minimum 6 months warning before implementing the policy, and help Teams/site owners and users apply record labels before implementing the policy.
  • One of our large customers is this way deleting 1B email and files per year.


Feel free to contact us at if you need any help reducing your SharePoint Online storage.

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