Is Infotechtion the Heineken of Information Governance?

Gardy Bacas


Why is Heineken an international success? Heineken is the Dutch multinational in the beer and beverage sector, active in more than 190 countries. Their marketing campaigns include humor and sport which are common grounds for people to connect. The core message is clear; to be the world’s top beer brand focused on meeting the needs of consumers and customers. They are serving a variety of premium beers, lagers, and ciders – from non-alcohol to flavor beers – to all segments of the public. Their marketing campaigns are massively successful.

So, what makes Heineken an outstanding brand?

  • Their message is clear, relatable, and persuasive

  • They provide a happy customer experience

  • Extra services: they offer goodies, merchandise like beach backpack coolers, home taps

  • Recognizable through the brand colors. Even from a distance you recognize the sign

  • Loyal customer base: customers go back to enjoy the same delightful experience

You might now wonder…..

How is Infotechtion related to Heineken?

Our clear mission

We know how to transform data into business assets that adds value to our customers, reduce costs, minimize risks and identify new opportunities. We are innovators and pathfinders in the field of information governance adopting, managing and protecting information.

Knowledgeable in unlocking the Value of Microsoft 365

Infotechtion consultants are experts in Microsoft 365. We have a deep understanding of M365 products and technology. We are aware of the importance of ensuring compliance and know how to mobilise M365 to deliver efficient internal communication for our clients.

Highly expert in the field of Information Management

We provide a premium information management strategy to support your digital vision with Microsoft 365. Our consultants are frequent keynote speakers at conferences such as ARMA, IRMS, PrivSec Global, educating organisations about information governance, data protection and compliance.

Our holistic approach in delivering a meaningful holistic customer experience

We offer a complete IG strategy including change management and user adoption strategies, which guarantees a smooth user journey.

M365 Compliance Trial – Proof of Concept 

A Microsoft Information Protection & Governance proof-of-concept (PoC) lets you test how to better discover, protect and govern your corporate data in Microsoft 365 and beyond. In a test environment hosted in Microsoft 365 you can try the most powerful Office 365 compliance features to meet your use cases. Interested? Register here for a Proof of Concept.

Infotechtion’s special component and process

Probably not many of you know that Heineken uses a very specific component and process to achieve the great taste. A type of yeast known as “Yeast A” gives the unique taste Heineken’s famous for! Just like the brewers at Heineken, we at Infotechtion also have our special component and process that help us deliver the results our customers love! Our special component is called “Consultant X” – our consultants not only have a deep understanding of Information Governance but we also have the technical knowledge about M365 products/services which, when combined help us deliver the greatest results. Our “not-so-secret” process is tailored to each and every customer individually to provide more than satisfying experience for the customer and results that last.

Download Free eBook: Information Governance Strategy

All the above mentioned gives us the edge of being a pioneer in our field and grants us the opportunity to build a data base of loyal clients.

If your organisation needs support in information management, feel free to book your session or demo with one of our experts to explore the possibilities and walk you through Infotechtion teamwork and information governance solutions. Contact us

Additionally, you can find more resources on our website about how you can manage your data. Infotechtion is an official Microsoft Gold Partner.

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