The NIS 2 Directive: What is it and how can Infotechtion help your company comply?


NIS 2 is the new EU Cybersecurity directive that will come into effect from October 2024 onwards, affecting all member states. It covers 18 sectors and 180,000+ companies. The purpose of this is to establish a baseline security for digital service providers and operators of essential services, to mitigate risks against cyber-attacks, and to improve overall EU cyber security.

Sectors to be affected:

· Essential Sectors: Energy, Transport, Banking, Financial Market Infrastructure, Health Sector, Drinking water, Wastewater, Digital Infrastructure, IT Service Management, Public Administration, Space

· Important Sectors: Postal and Courier Services, Waste management, Chemicals, Manufacturing of Medical Devices, Digital Providers, Research Organizations

Companies to be affected:

· Essential Entity – Large Company: Have at least 250 employees or Annual turnover of at least 50 million euros (or an annual balance sheet total of at least 43 million euros).

· Important Entity – Medium Company: At least 50 employees or Annual turnover (or balance sheet total) of at least 10 million euros

NIS 2 Requirements and Microsoft Solutions:

How Can Infotechtion help?

Infotechtion is a globally recognized Software and Consulting firm, and a Microsoft Solutions Partner, with offices spanning across Europe, the UK, Asia, and North America. In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, Infotechtion is your trusted partner for NIS 2 compliance. Our expert consultants and Infotechtion-ARM solution for Microsoft Purview bring hands-on experience and innovative solutions, tailored to organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. As our client, we will conduct a maturity assessment, strengthen your security, and guide you toward successful NIS 2 compliance.

Request a free 3-hour workshop to build a robust data security strategy and explore Microsoft security solutions. We will help you address your unique challenges.

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and the NIS 2 Directive is here to reinforce cybersecurity. Microsoft’s suite of solutions seamlessly aligns with NIS 2, offering the tools to secure data, manage risks, and ensure business continuity. By embracing NIS 2 and harnessing Microsoft solutions, you are not just protecting data; you are securing your company against the risks of today and the potential threats of tomorrow. As your partner in the journey to NIS 2 compliance, Infotechtion is dedicated to ensuring your organization is equipped to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing digital landscape. Together, we will secure your digital assets and safeguard your future.

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