What Binge Watching on Netflix Taught Me!


If there is something I am guilty of, it would have to be binge watching Netflix sports documentaries. Not because I have an interest to learn about a particular type of sport but purely for the sake of learning how an athlete becomes a champion.

I am interested in learning how to develop the right mindset, build mental toughness, overcome obstacles, and enhance performance to reach an elite level.

Mo Farah’s story is such a great and inspiring example. Farah was an accomplished athlete, but he did not become an Olympic champion until he was coached by Alberto Salazar.

Farah already had the capabilities and a strong intrinsic motivation to become an Olympic champion, however, he was not able to achieve this goal alone. His story sheds the light on the significant role of a coach.

Alberto Salazar helped many runners and Olympic champions achieve their goals, he is well known for bringing forth athletes’ strengths and minimising injuries to guarantee training sustainability and endurance.

In most cases, you do not hear coaches revamping or coming up with an entirely new way of training, they rather understand their client’s needs, highlight their strengths, and downplay their weaknesses. Salazar simply restructured Farah’s daily habits and trainings to elevate his performance to win the Olympics. That is the power of an expert.

Is your organisation an “athlete” in Information Management and would like to “champion” in this field? Or maybe your company has just started its Information Governance journey and need help on how to make it as smooth as possible?

We are here to help! You might ask but why Infotechtion Farah? Well, here is why we would be the “powerful expert” your organisation exactly needs:
  • Our extensive experience in educating users on how to unlock the value of M365 and information assets

  • Our team excels in integrating people, processes, and technology to delight users and effectively manage changes

  • We provide and use simplified and effective communication

  • Last but not least, we proactively manage resistance and sustain changes

To start with, I would highly recommend you to watch our recorded online seminar to understand What is Information Governance and how we can help you.

If your organisation needs to implement Information Governance but you do not know where to start, then please check this blog (M365 Information Governance: From Zero to Hero) written by my colleague Alex Vaughan where he presents the key success factors for an implementation journey.

If you would like to talk to us, feel free to book your session or a demo with one of our experts to explore the possibilities and walk you through Infotechtion teamwork and information governance solutions.

Additionally, you can find more resources on our website www.infotechtion.com about how you can manage your data. Infotechtion is an official Microsoft Gold Partner.

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