You GOT this! Tackling unstructured content ownership

Many years ago, in one of my less favorite towns, but more favorite clients, we embarked on a project to clean up their shared drive environment in anticipation of a transformation to SharePoint. The preconceived process was that they would ask the “content owners” to decide what is valuable (a record) and what is not. […]

Document Autoclassification Strategies

Once again, be careful with the fact that the exact same piece of content can be classified in different ways depending on function, not content. An invoice is an invoice, unless it is training material for an invoicing system, unless it is evidence of fraud or litigation about payments, unless it is sample data, unless […]

Document Autoclassification using Content: Similarity and Topic Comparisons

Similarity and Topics Similarity classifies by determining how close one document is to another. This is one area where AI is being leveraged. There are a number of variants to this capability but generally, if you know that one thing is a true representation of what you are looking for (an “exemplar”), other things that […]

Document Autoclassification: Source and Purpose

Before we start looking at classification techniques, a few concepts need to be defined. Source data The information we rely on to classify content automatically comes from three sources within a single document. Format – Format often includes the coding that allows a specific application to work with it. It can also include any structure […]

Document Autoclassification Technologies

A MasterClass – ification for unstructured content Post 1 This is an exciting time to be in the world of AI, machine learning, and autoclassification for unstructured information. This is a broad topic, so I want to focus on very specific elements that you can search on to auto-apply classifications and where they work well. […]

Finding and Protecting the Crown Jewels – A Compliance Framework

Information Governance seems to manifest itself in multiple separate projects managed under a single roof. It is better than silos, but still not completely integrated. M365 strategies, for example, may not touch paper file management, which may not touch GDPR, which may not touch long term archival information. I wanted to put together a high-level […]

The problems of network shared drives

Even after years of migration to the cloud, the largest collection of unstructured content in the enterprise is the shared network drive. We know that it is insufficient for a wide variety of tasks and it is the single largest impediment to good Information Governance. Justifying its transformation requires some insight into what weaknesses it […]

The Needs of the Organization

If you are in an Information Governance position in your organization, you have an opportunity to smooth out the traditional conflict that governance has with the people who work in your organization. The conflict can arise because the needs of the organization do not always match the needs of the individual worker. Here are the […]

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