Insider Risk, data exposure jeopardy!

Insider risk refers to the potential for employees or other insiders to misuse or mishandle sensitive data within an organization. This can include actions such as stealing data, sharing confidential information with unauthorized parties, or intentionally or unintentionally compromising data security.Insider risk can occur in a variety of forms, including: Microsoft Azure Purview is […]

How to avoid a failed M365 implementation?

25% of technology projects fail, 20% provide no profit realization, and as many as 50% need massive rework the moment the project is finished. 54% of IT projects that fail are due to project management, while only 3% are due to technical challenges” Forbes Magazine Gartner stated in 2012 that “IT projects are 80% about […]

M365 Modernizing Content Type Hub

A content type associates a data element (folder, list item, document, and so on) within SharePoint with key metadata or other information such as a template (e.g MoM.docx) or a retention policy. Content types are defined for a site and applied to that site. With a focus on overall organisation governance, there is a need […]

Microsoft Project Nucleus is alive!

Its been just over a year since my colleague Vivek Bhatt published his post on “What is Microsoft Project Nucleus” where he highlights the core technology focus on performance improvement on SharePoint lists; Microsoft is now pleased to announce that they have reached general availability for Microsoft Lists: Fast and offline. The ambition for Microsoft […]

Build a privacy-secure organization with Microsoft 365 Data Privacy Management

With increasing and complex regulations for securing personal data, privacy and securing organizational data in the years ahead will be one of the most important tasks for most companies. According to IDC (, 80% of all global information will be unstructured by the year 2025. Some large organizations have already reached critical mass, and most […]

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