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We hope you enjoyed our first post in The Project Management Toolkit series on Employee Recognition! This series breaks down the essential components of how Project Managers can take their leadership to the next level. Up next, we’ll discuss another pivotal aspect of project management: Collaborating with Clients.

In the realm of project management, the phrase “the customer is always right” is a founding principle, commonly guiding interactions and decisions. However tricky it may to master project delivery in  today’s competitive landscape, we at Infotechtion understand a very different reality: while customer satisfaction is paramount, real success often depends on something else – successful collaboration.

Rethinking “The Customer is Always Right”

Historically, the customer-centric approach has been the cornerstone of successful service delivery, from shop floors to boardrooms. It underlines the importance of understanding and meeting client needs, fostering trust, and delivering quality work. However, in the current business environment, managing change, stakeholders and client demands poses a challenge.

The phrase itself has limitations. Clients might not always have the knowledge of expertise to expertise to make the most informed decisions. Often, customer preferences might conflict with project feasibility or industry best practice. Yet collaboration demands trust between among the project manager, the delivery team and the customer.

Building Trust: The Bedrock of Collaborating with Clients

The cornerstone for any collaborative relationship remains fairly simple – establishing trust is paramount to success. Trust forms the bedrock upon which successful collaborations thrive. As a project manager, it’s imperative to cultivate an environment where clients feel secure, understood, and confident in the team’s capabilities, both professionally and personally. This begins with active listening, demonstrating competence, and delivering on commitments. Building trust isn’t just a one-time effort; it’s a continuous process that solidifies relationships and lays the foundation for a more productive partnership.

In our experience, Infotechtion recognises that listening is the most important value to foster truly successful collaboration. By engaging with clients, we gain insight into their challenges and needs. This allows us to tailor their requirements into the delivery approach, which proves crucial in fostering impactful and trustworthy relationships. This is especially important when working across diverse and cross-functional teams.

Embracing Collaboration for Project Success

Coming back to “the customer is always right”, we find true collaboration involves active engagement, open communication, and a partnership mindset between the project team and the client.

Here’s why collaborating with clients should be the cornerstone of your project management approach:

1. Shared Expertise

Collaboration brings together diverse perspectives and expertise. Project teams bring in-depth knowledge of their field, while clients offer valuable insights into their industry and specific needs of their people and especially important for IT projects, their users. Taking this approach, you can bring the full expertise of both sides into the delivery equation, which not only enhances the overall delivery but helps to maintain expectations on both sides.

2. Keeps expectations aligned

Clear, realistic expectations ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding project scope, timelines, deliverables, and potential challenges. It’s crucial for project managers to meticulously communicate what can and cannot be achieved, preventing unrealistic demands or disappointments down the road. By managing expectations proactively, project managers lay the groundwork for a harmonious collaboration, minimizing misunderstandings and fostering a more conducive working relationship.

3. Agile Problem-Solving

In a collaborative setting, when challenges arise, they are addressed collectively. Instead of a blame game or an insistence on unilateral decisions, teams work together to find agile solutions. This flexibility allows for quicker adaptations to changing requirements or unexpected hurdles.

Collaboration nurtures a deeper understanding between parties. As project managers involve clients in the process, they build trust and transparency. Clients feel valued and respected, knowing their input is considered and integrated into every phase of the project lifecycle.

Striking a Balance: Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction

Acknowledging the importance of close collaboration doesn’t diminish the significance of customer satisfaction. Instead, it enriches it. A collaborative approach ensures that customer satisfaction isn’t just a checkbox but a natural byproduct of a robust, interactive process.

The Value of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction isn’t merely a metric; it’s the heartbeat of any successful project. It’s about understanding and meeting the client’s needs and expectations. Leaning too much on fulfilling customer needs can lead to an overly rigid approach. Fulfilling every demand can take precedence over strategic decisions.

Striking the right balance requires finesse—a delicate interplay between honoring client preferences and integrating professional expertise.

For project managers, this means leveraging collaboration as a tool to enhance customer satisfaction. It’s about not just meeting demands but guiding clients toward optimal solutions, drawing on collective expertise and innovative thinking.


To conclude, we at Infotechtion foster a culture of collaborating with clients, where client input is valued, expertise is shared, and decisions are made collectively. It’s about embracing the spirit of partnership to create exceptional outcomes that exceed mere customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, success lies not just in satisfying the customer’s requests but in forging a collaborative path that leads to the finest possible solution. The customer may indeed always be right, but it’s in collaboration that you truly succeed in project delivery.

In the modern business environment, a new adage is emerging: “collaborate relentlessly, listen intently, and watch excellence unfold.

What are your thoughts on this approach? How do you prioritize collaboration while honoring client needs?

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