Are you in for “Employee Wellbeing in Hybrid Working” ?

Since March 2020 the phenomenon of working changed, and organizations were forced to adopt new ways of working arrangement to cope up the business challenges during pandemics. We’re on the brink of a disruption due to sudden shift to remote work: the move to hybrid work – a blended model where some employees return to […]

M365 Information Protection Powers a Simple User Guide to Information Sharing

Microsoft365 integrated with Governance and Protection capabilities can significantly simplify many user experiences, specially when relates to sharing information internally and externally. Not only, you can better control which information is shared with external parties but also guide the users to ensure they make informed decisions. Infotechtion leverages multiple technology components – Sensitivity Labels, Auto […]

3 Governance Lessons from Team Sport

To win with sports you need a number of elements essential for Teamwork. If you perfect the elements, you will even end up in top sport and win elite competitions World Cup. You need exactly those elements to make your business work well and be profitable. What happens if you don’t perform a certain element […]

Metadata hierarchies in SharePoint Online

Metadata in SharePoint Online is used to find and manage files. The metadata may be free-form text or numbers entered by users, or it may have pre-defined values and vocabularies that users pick or are set as default on the storage container, e.g., company name, department, country, process, document type. The latter makes it easier […]

Microsoft Records Management: 8 options for collaborative spaces

I have previously written about how to automate M365 Information Governance and Records Management, and I will in this post explain your Microsoft Records Management options for active collaborative spaces. In most scenarios, only the user will know when a collaborative document is final and should be declared as a record. Option 1: Get users […]

Automate Information Governance with M365 AI and Machine Learning

Earlier this year we did a webinar explaining how to automate information governance and records management in Microsoft 365 (M365), and I will in this blog post explain Sensitive Information Types, Trainable Classifiers, and SharePoint Syntex in more detail. Sensitive Information Types As part of the E3 license, you have Sensitive Information Types with 200+ […]

Retention for Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online

An important M365 design decision is to determine if all information should have a lifecycle, not just records. Research by the Compliance Governance & Oversight Council found that in average, 25% of information has business value, 5% is subject to regulatory record keeping requirements, 2% is subject to legal hold, and 68% is redundant, outdated, […]

From Big Buckets to Records Management in M365

I have previously written about the value of big bucket retention categories to make it easier for users and machines to select the right retention to ensure compliance with business standards and regulations. I am a big fan of Susan Cisco´s work around big bucket categories, and below are some of her big buckets pros […]

How to establish good information management policies

We often meet organizations with ineffective governance policies, – this could be retention policies, information security policies, or information classification policies. The problems often evolve around one or more of the following areas. The policy does not provide value. If the policy does not help business users do their job, then the policy will be […]

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